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Michael Jordan Reportedly Admitted to Keeping Isiah Thomas Off 'Dream Team'

Michael Jordan Reportedly Admitted to Keeping Isiah Thomas Off 'Dream Team'
Jason McIntyre: “Why do you think Jordan is still trying to deny this? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”
Jack McCallum: “[In 1991]Someone told me an ‘indispensable source' said that Michael said ‘I won’t play’ or something like ‘I don’t want Isiah on the Dream Team.’ So I wrote that in 1991 based on a 'source'. When I went out to talk to Michael for the Dream Team book in 2010 or 2011, I was trying to figure out how to ask that question because I had to talk about it again… And Michael told ME that. And yet other times he’s gotten around it by saying some variety of ‘No Isiah questions’ or ‘I wasn’t the one who picked the team’ or ‘It wasn’t my final decision’, all of which is true… But Michael let it be known that he didn’t want him and nobody else rushed to Isiah’s defense... It was a Michael deal all the way.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to longtime Sports Illustrated writer Jack McCallum join The Jason McIntyre Show to explain why he thinks ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary is being dishonest with their re-telling of the Isiah Thomas-1992 Dream Team story that infamously recounts Thomas’ stiffing with the legendary olympic team.

Thomas was still one of the league’s best players at that time, and most NBA pundits agree that there was no real basketball reason for the two-time champion to have been left off the team… Well, enter the world’s most iconic player with a bone to pick with his biggest rivals...

Check out the interview above as McCallum details why he thinks it was Jordan’s fault all along that Thomas didn’t make the team, and explains why Jordan has literally admitted it to McCallum that he didn’t want Isiah to be a part of the team, and in-turn, used his superstar leverage to prevent him from getting a spot.