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Tom Brady Left Patriots Because He Wasn't Respected or Appreciated

Colin Cowherd: “If Brady and Josh McDaniels was that bad then why he leave and then come back? Brady wouldn’t have let him come back. Brady got Jimmy Garoppolo out of town, a quarterback! He couldn’t just say he didn’t want McDaniels back??... Brady gets along with everybody. Unlike other star quarterbacks, he’s never had a family member call him out, and he’s never had a teammate call him out, so it’s not a pattern, and it didn’t impede their success… There’s a theme with Tom Brady. He didn’t feel fully appreciated in New England. When don’t feel respected in any relationship then everything else starts to irritate you, and irritation is just a part of every business. It’s always easier when you’re winning, and last year they didn’t win a Super Bowl, so it probably built up and he was over it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent report that tried to paint a clearer picture to why Tom Brady left New England after 20 seasons.

In the article, the writer said the ‘deteriorating relationship’ between Brady and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was the reason Brady was so eager to pack his bags for Tampa. Brady quickly took to Instagram shortly thereafter to shoot down the veracity of the article, writing ‘please stop this nonsense!’ and ‘please be more responsible with reporting.'

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Brady left New England simply because he wasn’t being appreciated and respected by the front office in regards to personnel, and says small riffs between employees, whether it be quarterbacks and head coaches, is simply human nature at ANY company.