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COVID-19: NBA Insider Says Cancelled 2020 Season Would 'Blow Up' the League

Ric Bucher: “Trust me, there’s going to be a little bit of hardball here with the players because there is a risk factor for the players. You can’t completely eliminate it. You’re going to have to play at some point without having a vaccine available, which means there’s going to be a risk factor. The hard reality is that the NBA needs to get back to business or their entire revenue structure with the salary cap, and everything else is going to be crushed. If there is any pushback from the players on resuming this season without a vaccine, the owners are going to say ‘if you take us to there, we’re going to hit the nuclear button, blow up the CBA, start this thing from scratch, and you’re not going to like the terms.' I don’t know if they get there, but I know it’s in the owners’ back pocket. They will make sure that they are not getting the short end of this, and the players will compensate for whatever is lost.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to NBA insider Ric Bucher detail the cataclysmic financial consequences that would come from a fully cancelled 2020 NBA season, as Bucher explained to Colin Cowherd how the owners would effectively nuke the CBA and make the players pay the most from the billions that would be lost in the event the season doesn’t continue.

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