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College Football Insider Says Tua Tagovailoa's Talents Are Being Overstated

Joel Klatt: “I love Tua as a player and I think he’s a brilliant player, but his biggest flaw is that he thinks he’s more elusive than he is. He thinks he’s Russell Wilson when he’s not. He does get hit, and he does get wrapped up from behind which causes the ankle injuries, which he’s had two surgeries on and caused the hip fracture. That is concerning to me. His play from the pocket is uncanny, it’s fantastic, I love his quick delivery, he’s smart, and knows where to go with the football, and I would say that him and Joe Burrow got to throw to some pretty unbelievable players… I will tell you this though – I don’t believe there’s a quarterback that I’m so high on, including Joe Burrow… He’s got some great qualities but I’m not going to sit here and say ‘hands down he’s got things that I can’t explain’, because I think you can certainly get better if you’re Tua.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to college football analyst Joel Klatt explain why he’s not as big on Tua Tagovailoa as many people in the media are, including Colin Cowherd, who thinks Tua has a chance to be an ‘NFL legend’ if he can remain healthy.

Joel has issues with Tua’s escability and elusiveness, as Klatt says people need to realize that he’s nowhere near Russell Wilson in terms of athleticism, despite many pundits and fans alike comparing him to the Seahawks star.

Check out the video above as Klatt details why he’s not buying into the hyperbole around Tua just yet.

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