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Pac-12 Commissioner: Pac-12 Won't Play Football Without Students on Campus

Dan Patrick: “If a Pac-12 school can’t have students on campus, can they play football?”
Larry Scott: “I don’t believe we’re going to play football if students can’t be brought back safely to campus. I don’t think we’re going to treat student athletes or football players as some special class. I don’t think we’ve got the ability to quarantine them or put them in a bubble the way some pro sports might. Now what does students come back to campus mean? It might mean different things for different schools. I’ve been in touch with all of our university presidents and they’re all working through their own scenarios but the new normal is not going to be like the old normal. I think there is going to be hybrid situations in all likelihood in terms of class size, maybe it’s not all students coming back at once. But I do believe student athletes will be amongst the earliest groups to be allowed to come back.” (Full Video Above)
Listen to Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the possibility of schools in the Pac-12 not having college football seasons this fall, as Scott told Dan Patrick that doesn’t see the conference having a season if students can’t be brought back to campus safely, as Scott says they aren’t putting athletes in some special class.

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