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Russell Westbrook's Teammates Always Get Better Once They Get Away From Him

Colin Cowherd: “Let’s look at some of the teammates of Russell Westbrook and how they’ve done since then. James Harden with Russell Westbrook averaged 16 and 17 a game, left and went to Houston and became the most dominant scorer in the NBA… Serge Ibaka plays 7 years with Westbrook and averages 11 points game. He’s now averaging 14.5 points with Toronto and wins a title… Kevin Durant plays 8 years with Westbrook and is a very good player. He leaves and many people believe he became the best player in the NBA. Domantas Sabonis spent his first season in OKC with Westbrook and averaged 5 points and 3 rebounds a game. He’s now averaging 18.5 points and is an All-Star without his friend Westbrook. Victor Oladipo plays one year without Westbrook. All his numbers went down from Orlando, and then he left and made the All-Star team his first two seasons without Westbrook. Paul George plays two years with Westbrook in OKC. His numbers dropped his first year in OKC and they went onto win 3 playoff games in 2 years. This year his numbers are up and many believe the Clippers are the first, second, or third best team in the league. Without Westbrook the Thunder have been the biggest surprise in the league, and the Rockets are the six seed in the West if the playoffs started today.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why it has become painfully obvious that all of Russell Westbrook’s teammates instantly get much better once they get away from Westbrook.

Check out the video above as Colin discusses news of the NBA parting ways with Spalding as their official game ball sponsor, as Colin says it’s just another Westbrook teammate (Westbrook is the NBA leader in touches) to have its career reduced by Westbrook, joking that Spalding will probably flourish as a sponsor in another league next year.

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