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Scott Boras Explains Why MLBPA Rejected Owners' Revenue Sharing Proposal

Scott Boras: “When you’re a business owner, as am I, you have situations in your business that are upstart and there are situations that are difficult. You certainly don’t go to your salaried employees and expect them to basically spread the losses during bad years alone but not participate in the gains.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to prominent sports agent Scott Boras join The Herd to discuss why he’s advising Major League Baseball players not to take pay cuts, as the owners and MLB Players Association continue to be deadlocked on a revenue sharing proposal for a COVID-19-reduced 2020 season.

Even though it’s obvious that MLB teams will experience heavy financial losses this season without fans present in the stadium, Boras says MLB players shouldn’t take pay cuts for the owners losing money in one season, when the players wouldn't receive bigger cuts of team revenue in seasons where the owners experienced heavy financial gains, reminding everyone that the values of MLB franchises have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled over the past decade.

Check out the interview above as Boras explain to Colin Cowherd why MLB fans siding with the owners need to take a closer look on the matter, as the optics haven’t exactly tilted the public’s opinion towards the players.

AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell made headlines last night when he said he wasn’t ‘risking his life’ to take a pay cut. The comments have become polarizing, with many fans believing the players should be more inclined to play baseball during such a horrific time in world history to give people a sense of relief.

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