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Eric Dickerson Says Rams New Uniforms Are 'Soft', Not Manly Enough

Eric Dickerson Says Rams New Uniforms Are 'Soft', Not Manly Enough
Eric Dickerson: “I looked at them real hard this morning and just stared at the uniform because it was kind of hard to see it on the Zoom call yesterday… The colors are not bad, I just don’t like the stripe around the sleeve. It’s not big enough. It almost looks like a lightning bolt like the Chargers uniform. I don’t like the stripe down the pants, I wish it was bigger. And the horn, man, is horrible. I feel like they really took away from the Rams uniform. It [the horns] looks like two bananas… This is football, it has nothing to do with surfing, it has nothing to do with waves, this is FOOTBALL. This is a man’s sport and it just looks soft. It doesn’t look ‘football’ and it doesn’t look hard.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Rams legend Eric Dickerson vent for nearly 15 minutes on AM570 LA Sports about the team’s new uniforms that were unveiled to the public on Thursday.

Check out the audio above as Dickerson calls the new threads ‘soft’, and outright says the Ram horns on the helmet are ‘horrible’ and look like 'two bananas.’

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