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MLB Insider Believes DH Will Become Standard in National League After 2020

MLB Insider Believes DH Will Become Permanent in Both Leagues After 2020
Jason Smith: “I think the permanent DH is going to be approved across the board and the National League in going to love it. Managers are going to love it because they won’t have to burn their bullpens as much, players are going to like it because it’s going to create job opportunities, fans are going to like it because it will be more offense, it’s going to be a win-win across the board, and be a permanent part of Major League Baseball.”
Jon Morosi: “I agree, and we’ve probably already been moving in that direction when you consider the MLB moving towards expansion and how a 32-team MLB would be arranged, and that would certainly involve a universal DH. Once you’ve gone to that extent this year of having it, I do think it’s something that will hard to be taken out. We’re already moving in that direction anyway, so it might as well be this year for the DH to become standardized. It’s a much more contentious topic for fans than it is for people inside the game. The DH is utilized in college, and most levels of the minor leagues. It’s hard for any traditionalized player outside the longtime National League veterans to get emotional about it.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to MLB insider Jon Morosi join The Jason Smith Show to explain why he thinks the designated hitter rule will become universal in both the American League and National League after this season.

Despite the sport being deadlocked over the revenue sharing split in 2020, the players and owners did agree to specific season parameters in a shortened season, with one of those rules including a DH in both leagues.

The American League has been using a DH since 1973, as over the course of baseball history the pitcher is often the worst hitter on the team. The majority of NL pitchers hit below .200 with very little power.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, considered the best pitcher of his generation, has just one career home run in 808 plate appearances.

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