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LeBron James Should Be Compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Not Michael Jordan

LeBron James Should Be Compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Not Michael Jordan
RJ Bell: "To me, LeBron reminds me more of Kareem (than Jordan). A lot of people remember more the 80's Kareem, and even come 79-80, Magic's rookie year, when they won the first title, there was a sense that Kareem was secondary. If you look at the Lakers the year before that, one year they missed the playoffs, one year they were .500. So Kareem by himself wasn't doing it. Magic shows up, they win a title. Doesn't mean Kareem wasn't good in the 80's, it meant he was moving through the 30's and into his 40's in the end. But the fact that he played those years, they made it so he became the number 1 scorer of all time. On any given year, Kareem didn't have many of those years where he was the best player, but he had a lot of years where he was among the 5 best. LeBron has lost a lot of Finals. There is a mystique if someone doesn't ever lose when the chips are down. When Jordan busted through, every year he started with the team, he won the title. No one else in the history of the league has been that much of a winner, once he broke through. LeBron broke through at a certain point, and since then he's lost more Finals than he's won. There's a difference there." (Full Audio Above)

Despite ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary throwing gasoline on the already explosive ‘Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James’ bonfire when it comes to 'Who is the Greatest NBA Player of All-Time debate, listen to RJ Bell explain why he thinks LeBron should be compared to former Bucks and Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar instead.

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