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Pittsburgh Steelers Are No Longer a Great Organization

Colin Cowherd: “The one legendary franchise that everybody thinks is really going to be good this year, and I don’t, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have them at 7-9. I no longer think of the Steelers as a great organization. To be a great organization you have to be an ‘A’ at owner, an ‘A’ at GM, an ‘A’ at quarterback, and an ‘A’ at coach. I think Mike Tomlin is going to be a great TV analyst , he’s a great guy, and at moments I like him, but he’s kind of sloppy and light on the details. When he faced Belichick he was completely out-coached, and I never felt that way when Andy Reid faced Belichick, never felt that way when Doug Pederson faced Belichick, never felt that way when Tony Dungy faced belichick, and I never felt that when Pete Carroll faces Belichick. Big Ben is 38 years old, often injured, high on the drama, doesn’t have a star at receiver, offensive line is aging, and he doesn’t work very hard in the offseason. I have them finishing third in their division.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s picking the Pittsburgh Steelers to finish 7-9 this season and third in the AFC North Division, as Colin says he no longer considers the Steelers a ‘great’ organization.

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