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Colin Cowherd: It's Time Cowboys Embrace Andy Dalton and Dump Dak Prescott

Colin Cowherd: “Dak wants a Russell Wilson contract and he’s not close to Russell Wilson. He’s not as good of an athlete, and he doesn’t have the arm. I saw a stat yesterday that said he’s the best ‘deep ball’ passer in the NFL. Alright, dig a little deeper on the Dak stats. He’s the second quarterback in the last 15 years to throw 30 touchdowns in a season and have zero game-winning drives. Dak kicked the living you-know-what out the Redskins and the Giants… For his career he’s 13-3 against the Giants and Redskins, who have both been rebuilding his entire career. Dak was also 0-8 last year when trailing at half. He doesn’t have the ability when teams know he’s going to throw to lead them back. He’s good with a running game, he’s good with the lead, he’s good on play-action – Dak is Kirk Cousins.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dak Prescott’s recent contract demands are making a lot of former Dak fans suddenly become a lot more antagonistic towards a player Colin believes is asking for a boatload of money that he doesn’t deserve.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why all Cowboys fans should have a major problem with Dak asking for Russell Wilson money.

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