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Colin Cowherd Says 2020 is LeBron James' Last Chance to Win One Final Title

Colin Cowherd: “’The Last Dance’ will soon face ‘The Last Chance.’ This is LeBron’s last year to win it. The salary cap is going down because revenue is dropping, it’s a bad free agency class and there’s no money for it. The Lakers have shown no interest in paying a big luxury tax. It is not a good Draft, and there is no help on the horizon. Anthony Davis isn't going to make nearly as much as he thought. This is an old roster, and the Clippers are a young AND old roster and getting better, and better, and better. This is their last shot, and that’s why this year is so important.” (Full Video Above)

Days after ESPN concluded it’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, Colin Cowherd says LeBron James might as well be filming for his ‘The Last Chance’ series, as Colin believes 2020 will be the final season LeBron has a chance to win his fourth NBA Finals.

Check out the video above as Colin details how a weak free agent market, coupled with a bad Draft class is a major problem for one of the oldest teams in the league.

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