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Athletes You Would Most Want to See Face Off in Next Episode of 'The Match'

Listen to Colin Cowherd list the golfing matchups he would most like to see if TNT released another episode of ‘The Match’, as the highly anticipated TV event featuring Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady was a huge success in the ratings.

Steph Curry vs. Michael Jordan

“Both hugely passionate golf fans, both from North Carolina, and the best shooter vs. the best player. Steph as actually played in some PGA Tour events. Michael has always let it be known that he’s pretty good in golf. Steph is easily the best NBA golfer. THAT I would pay to see.”

Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers

“They have played in celebrity pro-ams and they appear to be tighter now, but let’s be honest about it. These are two Packers legends and you know Favre would be long off the tee, he’s country strong. They’re both supposedly really good.”

Tom Brady vs. Jimmy Garoppolo

“I’m sure they would get along for the camera, but Garoppolo’s first full year as a starter he made the Super Bowl. Brady was very vulnerable on Sunday and he knows he wasn’t great on TV, so you know he would be hyper-competitive.”

Derek Jeter vs. Alex Rodriguez

“A-Rod moved to third base because Jeter was at short. There was always a sense that Alex was the better athlete and Jeter the better team guy. I think they would play nice on television, but as two of the best shortstop talents of all time and former Yankees, I think Jeter would be so competitive in this matchup.”

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