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Lakers Title in Shortened NBA Season Would Brand Lebron James With Asterisk

Lakers Title in Shortened NBA Season Would Brand LeBron James With Asterisk
Dan Patrick: “Regardless of what they [the NBA] come up with, at the end of the season there will be a debate about the validity of the championship. Now I know this is going a little bit deeper because we haven’t even gotten these teams together to get them on the floor but I can guarantee you, if the Lakers happen to win the championship people would attach an asterisk because of LeBron James. Now you do the one through sixteen, there’s going to be even more of an asterisk by this if the Lakers win the championship. Now that’s not a bad consolation prize if you win a championship and you’re saddled with an asterisk if you’re LeBron James, but I can guarantee you there will be people, people in my business, who will attach an asterisk because it’s LeBron James. If the Clippers win, there will not be an asterisk.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why he thinks LeBron James will be branded with an asterisk if his Los Angeles Lakers were to win the Finals in a shortened NBA season in an unprecedented playoff format conforming to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ric Bucher reported over the weekend that the league has already decided internally that the 2019/2020 season will indeed continue, and that the season will not be cancelled like previously believed.

Check out the audio above as Dan explains why the sports media will automatically give LeBron and the Lakers an asterisk if they win, but not Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers if Doc Rivers’ bunch happens to win a playoff tournament that could have a number of peculiar gimmicks never before seen in the NBA.

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