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New Jersey Beer Company Creates 'Trash Can Banger' Lager Trolling Astros

Major League Baseball is currently working with the MLPA to construct a plan to jump start the 2020 MLB season. But just because the season hasn't started yet won’t make fans forget about the Houston Astros and their major sign-stealing scheme that was unveiled earlier this year. Departed Soles Brewing Company in New Jersey decided to troll the team by actually creating a new craft beer perfectly titled, 'Trash Can Banger.’

It reads as:

“Some of you may have already gotten the Signs that this was coming today, but beer releases are like a pitcher’s arsenal, and you never really know what’s coming and when… unless, of course, you cheat,” Departed Soles Brewing Company wrote.
“When this pandemic first struck, much of our staff worked from home, while Brian rededicated himself to the Art of Brewing.. rewatching brewing school classes, reading new studies, and pouring over interviews, trying to Luhn(h)ow we could improve our efficiencies and processes. The result is a Fiers new approach to everything we do, from mashing in, to dry hopping, water treatments to canning, and everything in between.
“And, well, we don’t mean to breg, man, but this new beer is Reddickulous, and you won’t want to miss it!"

During this time of quarantine, many businesses have gotten very creative and shown that they can still keep business going even with a pandemic out there right now. We can add the Departed Soles Brewing Company to the list now.

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