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Russell Wilson is Reportedly Pushing Seahawks to Sign Antonio Brown

Colin Cowherd: “My entire life of the NFL there has been this thing called ‘diva’ wide receivers and they’ve had remarkable power. You just deal with the headaches because the guys are so special. Here’s the problem – the diva receiver has become the hockey enforcer in 2020, you don’t need them. Everyone used to have a hockey enforcer, a tough guy who couldn’t skate and wasn’t fast, but the game is too skilled now. You don’t need the diva wide receiver.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss recent reports that Russell Wilson is pushing the Seattle Seahawks organization to sign disgraced former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown, as the 31-year-old’s future in football continues to dwindle.

Brown has reportedly been working out with Seahawks backup quarterback Geno Smith, and has recently been sharing photoshopped images wearing a Seahawks uniform on his official Instagram page.

Longtime NFL reporter John Clayton said Wilson ‘would love to have Brown' as Seattle looks to strengthen one of the weakest receiving corps in the league.

Check out the video below as Colin details why he doesn’t think the ‘diva wide receiver’ has a place in the modern NFL anymore because of the position being as deep as it's ever been, and with the surplus of elite receiving talent coming out of college.

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