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Colin Cowherd: Green Bay Packers Are No Longer a Super Bowl Contender

Colin Cowherd: Green Bay Packers Are No Longer a Super Bowl Contender

Colin Cowherd: “The game is increasingly about dynamic players and the Packers didn’t add any. They were one of the few teams who had a poor Draft. Three interior lineman, a running back, and a quarterback who won’t play? They didn’t add ANY dynamic players. When you look at San Francisco – hell their tight end George Kittler is dynamic, and their coaching is dynamic too. To get through the NFC you have to have a lot of SPECIAL and I don’t think Matt LaFleur is special. I still think Aaron Rodgers is a top 5 quarterback but declining, and Davante Adams is special, but I don’t see it. Dallas has some special – Deke is special, Demarcus Lawrence is special, CeeDee Lamb could be special, and so is their offensive line… I don’t see a lot of ‘special’ with Green Bay and don’t have them in my bubble.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t the believe Green Bay Packers will be a legitimate Super Bowl contender next season, as Colin unveiled his 11-team Super Bowl Bubble that left the Packers off his list.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why he doesn’t think the Packers offensive isn't dynamic enough to compete in a loaded NFC.

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