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John Middlekauff Ranks His Top 8 NFL Teams Heading into 2020 Season

Listen to John Middlekauff discuss his Elite 8 NFL rankings as Middlekauff ranks the top 4 teams from the AFC and the top 4 teams from the NFC.

Biggest takeaways from the countdown.


1. Chiefs – “They won the Super Bowl, they have Patrick Mahomes, and they return 20 of 22 starters. They added a sweet running back and sweet linebacker in the Draft and have Andy Reid.”

2. Ravens – Their roster is really good, but I look at them like the Houston Rockets. I no longer judge you by the regular season. You gotta win a playoff game.”

3. Bills – “With Tom Brady out of the AFC East, it would be a FAILURE if they didn’t win the division. This defense kicks people’s a**.”

4. Titans – “Mike Vrabel is a really good coach… They started kicking everyone’s butt last year.”


1. 49ers – “Based on their offseason, based on their core guys, and based on what they added, I put the Niners at one.”

2. Saints – “I think the Saints are gonna be really good. They add Emmanuel Sanders, their defense is solid, their whole coaching staff is back, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara are in the peak of their power, they’ve got a really good offensive line, and their division kind of sucks.”

3. Eagles – “Carson Wentz may not be Patrick Mahomes, but he ain’t far off. He can dominate, and they drafted a first round receiver and Alshon is coming back.”

4. Seahawks – “I'll take Pete Carroll over Matt LaFleur any day of the week, and I’ll take Russell Wilson over Aaron Rodgers in 2020.”

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