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New Photos Show James Harden Has Let Himself Go During COVID-19 Stoppage

Ben Maller: “James Harden appears to have a ‘Dad bod’ going on, or at least a strip club bod… Harden appears to have dropped tons of weight, and in fact he looks gaunt in one of the photos that is making the rounds… If these images are legit then James Harden is half the man that he used to be. I keep looking at this and wondering if it’s some sort of Photoshop situation. Is Harden sick?? He doesn’t look healthy… It looks like Harden was captured and is in a North Korean labor camp right now. He’s gone from Porky Pig to a string bean.” (Full Video Above, Funniest Tweets Below)

Listen to Ben Maller discuss the uncanny recent photos of NBA star James Harden hiking in the hills of Tempe, Arizona, near his alma mater of Arizona State.

The photo went viral, as Harden looks more like Tom Hanks in Castaway than one of the best scorers in league history.

Check out the video above , as well as the funniest Harden trolljobs on Twitter below, as Maller wonders if the Rockets will be hurt by Harden appearing to let himself go during the NBA's COVID-19 stoppage.

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