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Past NBA Championships that Should Be Branded With an Asterisk

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss a recent Bleacher Report article that documented the ‘NBA’s Biggest Asterisks Since 1990’, that chronicled past NBA champions that heavily benefitted from strike-shortened seasons, opponent injuries, suspensions, and infamous officiating.

Here’s what tainted championship Chris picked:

“I don’t take anything away from this championship and it’s legitimate, but that Rockets first championship in 1994 when Michael Jordan was retired. We all knew that was the most unique situation you could have where everybody on the planet knew that the best basketball player in the world was no playing in the league.”

Here’s what Rob picked:

“I’m going to pick when Dwyane Wade won that championship in Miami over Dallas. That’s the one I’m going to pick because there was some monkey business going on in that series. There was stuff going on with the free throws that was so ridiculous. Dallas was up 2-0 in that series, and suddenly it didn’t feel right. If you breathed on Dwyane Wade it was a foul, and it was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. It seemed like Dallas was not going to win and the referees interjected themselves in the basketball.”

FULL segment above.

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