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Colin Cowherd: NFL Teams No Longer Want the Drama Attached to Cam Newton

Colin Cowherd: “The NFL has been telling me for years what they want with quarterbacks so I try to listen… The NFL told you with one move what they want. It’s Carolina taking Teddy Bridgewater over Cam. Teddy is smaller, had a worse injury, doesn’t have a huge arm, and he’s not the athlete. Instead of trying to figure out this complicated reason WHY, just look at Carolina… Cam is distracted – they’re not into that. Cam is a celebrity – they’re not into that. Cam is coachable, but there’s drama I’ve been told for years – they’re not into that. It’s NOT the injury, Teddy Bridgewater has a worse career injury. Cam has a bigger arm, better body, won a lot of games, won an MVP… GM’s want ‘just football’ with their quarterbacks. They don’t want ‘celebrity’, they don’t want drama, they don’t want fashion, they frankly don’t want politics, but if you’re great they’ll deal with it… Foles got a job, Mariota got a job, and even Jameis got a job... Jameis isn't distracted and he’s not a celebrity, he just throws too many picks.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks there is a clear and present reason why Cam Newton is still unsigned, as the red hot free agent quarterback market came and gone with Newton being the biggest loser left in the dust.

Colin says Newton just doesn’t fit the QB mold that NFL GM’s and owners are looking for anymore, and says Newton simply isn’t good enough at this point in his career for potential suitors to just absorb the drama his brand would bring to a locker room.

Check out the video above as Colin details how Carolina going with Teddy Bridgewater over Cam, a clearly inferior, yet more anonymous talent than Cam, sums up Cam's entire predicament.

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