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COVID-19: Handful of MLB Owners Reportedly Want 2020 Season to Be Cancelled

Jeff Passan: “The doomsday trigger could be pulled. It’s going to come down to the owners. When the players say they do want to play, I do actually believe that, but I think there are some owners who don’t. I think there are some owners who worry that playing is going to cost them too much, they’re going to lose too much money, and they would rather just punt the 2020 season. That’s a scary thing to hear because it feels like you’re focusing just on 2020 and not the repercussions beyond.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to ESPN baseball insider Jeff Passan join The Rich Eisen Show to explain why he believes the chances of a 2020 MLB season are only around 50/50.

The MLB players and owners continue to be deadlocked on a revenue sharing split for a COVID-19 shortened season that becomes a more perilous negotiation with each passing week.

Check out the video above as Passan details to Rich why some MLB owners simply want the 2020 cancelled altogether at this point.

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