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Rob Parker Says Tom Brady Doesn't Deserve a 9-Part Documentary Series

Rob Parker Says Tom Brady Doesn't Deserve a 9-Part Documentary Series
Rob Parker: “’Right there is when Adam Vinatieri kicked that field goal to beat the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’. Right there is when the Falcons choked down the Super Bowl because they didn’t run the football in the second half. That’s when Pete Carroll didn’t run ‘Beast Mode’ from the one-yard line’… Is that what it’s going to be about??... Tom Brady is a BORE and nobody wants to see a 9-part series about him. He doesn’t say anything and he’s barely ever said anything… He’s given us nothing in all these years. There’s nothing compelling about him, and nothing that makes me want to hear. Maybe if he opens up about the scandals, the cheating, wants to rip Bill Belichick, and wants to talk about Robert Kraft and his situation down in Florida. NOW I’m interested in watching.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Rob Parker react to the news of an upcoming Tom Brady documentary series reportedly in the works, as media companies look to capitalize on the immense success of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance.’

Check out the rant above as Parker dumps on the idea, saying Brady has never been an interesting individual with an intriguing point of view, and would only watch a 9-part series on Brady if it was him finally admitted to cheating.

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