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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Tells Clay Travis Florida is Open For Sports

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Tells Clay Travis That the Red Carpet Is Open

Clay Travis is joined by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to discuss the return of sports in his state and much more. They discuss various Florida college football teams and memories of the past, especially the infamous Miami and Ohio State National Championship Game.

Clay asks Governor DeSantis about the COVID-19 situation in Florida, and a number of data points are shared regarding the Coronavirus among various age groups of Florida citizens. He explains how that data has been the main driving force in the decision-making process in his state, and talks about fans possibly being in attendance in the fall.

Governor DeSantis also assesses the job that the national media has done with their coverage of the Coronavirus in general. Clay then plays an audio clip from an Outkick interview with Peter King, where King was very critical of DeSantis and the job he had been doing, and DeSantis responds.

Governor DeSantis shares his experience playing in the Little League World Series as a kid, and tells Clay what his reaction was when Tom Brady made the decision to play in Florida for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Finally, DeSantis sends out an invite to all sports to come play in his state, "the red carpet is open." 

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