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COVID-19: Gov. Ron DeSantis Thinks Florida Stadiums Will Allow Fans by Fall

COVID-19: Gov. Ron DeSantis Thinks Florida Stadiums Will Have Fans by Fall
Clay Travis: “How close are you to allowing fans to attend sporting events in Florida?”
Ron DeSantis: “We’re working on some stuff for June with some of the entities, but I think certainly by the fall we should assume that there’s going to be fans. If something changes you can always make arrangements, but I am really frustrated when I hear people ruling out fans for the fall already. Really? How could you even do that?? You go back two months from where we are now, it’s like night and day… The assumption should be that we’re going to play and we’re going to have fans. As you get closer, if something happens, then you can always make different arrangements or accomodations, but to simply rule it out is a huge mistake, and also from a psychological perspective, the message that sends to people is not the message that we want to be sending.” (Full Audio Above, Full Interview in Link at Bottom)

Listen to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis join Outkick The Coverage to discuss Florida’s plan to accommodate professional and college sports leagues, not only to be the backdrop of major sports returning for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began, but to actually feature fans present at the stadiums as well.

Check out the segment above as DeSantis details to Clay Travis why he believes the state of Florida will have fans in NFL and college football stadiums this fall, and why he thinks people are sending the wrong message by outright dismissing the thought of fans in stadiums though the rest of 2020.

For the FULL interview, click HERE.

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