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Some MLB Owners Are 'Perfectly Willing' to Cancel Entire 2020 Season

Some MLB Owners Are 'Perfectly Willing' to Cancel Entire 2020 Season
Colin Cowherd: “What is remarkable during crisis is that you really see leadership leap to the forefront. You really see when life gets a little uncomfortable for people, who they REALLY are. Buster Olney pointed out that the Pirates owner Bob Nutting, used the shutdown as an avenue to suspend team contributions to 401K plans. The A’s owner, John Fisher, worth over $2 billion, eliminated the $400 weekly salaries of Minor Leaguers… This is why I’ve always been against expansion. When you open up sports to new owners, you roll the dice on taking the chance to bring in somebody who doesn’t really care about the sport." (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss recent reports that are alleging that a growing number of MLB owners are ‘perfectly willing’ to cancel the entire 2020 MLB season.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why he thinks major sports leagues are bringing this on themselves by overly expanding their leagues, and making it more likely that individuals who couldn’t care less about the sport oversee teams with rascally business tactics.

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