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Jon Morosi Tells Clay Travis That He's Confident We'll Have Baseball

Jon Morosi Tells Clay Travis He's Confident We'll Have Baseball

On Tuesday's program, Clay Travis was joined by MLB insider Jon Morosi to get a feel on where baseball is, in relation to getting back onto the field. On the heels of the new 50 game season proposal from MLB owners, Clay starts things off with a question that pretty much every sports fan in America wants answered: Are we ever going to get baseball? Jon Morosi admits that we are a bit late in the process, but he is still confident we will have a Major League Baseball season.

Jon goes through the different possible scenarios for baseball to get back, in terms of potential number of games that will be played, the back and forth proposals from the owners and players, and whether or not there is a firm deadline to figure out this whole situation.

On a scale of 1-10, what level of confidence does Jon Morosi tell Clay he has for an amended MLB season to be played?

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