Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On The Change That Is Needed In American Culture

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On The Change That Is Needed In American Culture

Legendary basketball player and award-winning columnist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his op-ed in the Los Angeles Times and how to fix a broken system that has failed the black community. Kareem opens up about the change that is needed in America and what can be done going forward.

DanPatrick:"I wonder about everybody's role in this. We tend to put it on the black community...but it's really on the white community to understand this. How do we advance this?"
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:"When it's easy to dismiss somebody's humanity and the fact that they are a person with rights...when that goes out the window all of these abuses become commonplace. The idea that a segment of society is considered not equal...is going to lead to what we have seen happen."
DanPatrick:"I worry that we move on too quickly when something happens. This will just go away...we've seen this before"
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:"It's the way that we do business and we can't do it like that anymore. There has to be some type of change. We have to find some means to deal with bad cops. Bad cops make it bad for good cops and make it bad for citizens of color. When we get to the point where that's not a problem I think we will have made a lot of progress."

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