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Former NBA Star Opens Up About His Close Friendship With George Floyd

Stephen Jackson: “We had about a 20-year relationship. I was playing basketball in my teenage years and he came down from Port Arthur, TX, which is 45 minutes from where he lives in Houston, with a friend of mine named Telly. Telly had already told me that he had a homeboy in Houston who looked just like me, and that we might have the same daddy. So Telly brought him down and the first words we said to each other was ‘WHO YOUR DADDY?’ WHO YOUR DADDY??’ We looked that much alike! That fact that we looked so much alike, and we had some of the same common goals, and we lived really the same kind of lives at the time… We just bonded, and we protected each other. He supported me in everything I was doing, and he was just a great friend who always had my back.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to former NBA player Stephen Jackson join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to discuss his over two-decade long friendship with the late George Floyd, whose killing while in police custody last week has sparked outrage across the country.

Check out the interview above as Jackson details the strong bond he had with Floyd, who he considered a ‘best friend’, and somebody he would always spend time with when Jackson was playing the Rockets on the road in Floyd’s hometown of Houston.

Jackson played 14 seasons in the NBA on the Nets, Kings, Hawks, Pacers, Warriors, Bobcats, Spurs and Clippers. He averaged 15.1 points for his career, including 1,252 three-pointers made, and won an NBA championship in 2003 with San Antonio.

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