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Three Demands NFL Players Must Make to League After George Floyd's Death

Chris Broussard: “As my grandfather used to say, money don’t talk, it HOLLERS, and these are some of the most wealthy people in America. These owners are people with connections to police chiefs, to corporate titans, to lawmen, to the white house – THEY CAN GET THINGS DONE. If the players come out in no uncertain terms with strong language, then you can change things. The players need to demand things, they need to understand their power.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain the three things NFL players need to demand from the league when it comes to social justice.

The killing of George Floyd while in police custody last week has not only triggered a colossal wave of outrage towards the actions of law enforcement, but has also set forth more conversation on how athletes like Colin Kaepernick can become very relevant trail blazers when it comes to getting laws and regulations altered in their local cities.

Check out the audio above as Chris details how players need to realize that they have a lot more power and influence than they think, and says they need to work together with the owners for a common goal surrounding social justice, and one much more profound than the partnership they have now.

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