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'I Forgive Drew Brees': Chris Broussard Details How Drew Can Redeem Himself

Chris Broussard: 'I Forgive Drew Brees'
Chris Broussard: “I forgive Drew Brees. I’ve said things myself that are wrong, I’ve done things myself that are wrong, and I know that I can’t be forgiven for what I’ve done if I’m unwilling to forgive somebody else. But there’s a difference between forgiveness and justice, and between forgiveness, and ramifications for what you did. When I was raising my daughters, they did things wrong and I always forgave them, but they still may have gotten punished, and they still had to pay the price to learn what you did. That’s what I see in this situation. Drew Brees can learn and he does not need to be cancelled… What Brees has got to do to show that he’s sincere is put action to your words. He should start doing philanthropic stuff in the name of justice fighting against police brutality, fighting for young African-American children who are trapped in poverty, and things like that if you really want to show that you have learned, that you have a change of heart, and that you now understand.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard discuss Drew Brees’ viral remarks concerning the National Anthem and protesting, that became the biggest story in sports this week as Brees’ interview with Yahoo Finance dipped into a volatile news cycle of racial divisiveness in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

Check out the audio above as Broussard details why he will forgive Brees for the comments, but says Brees has to put his apology into action, and show that everyone that forgave him that he understands why so many people were hurt in the first place.

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