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Clay Travis: Unanimity of Opinion Scares Me More Than Conflict

Clay Travis: Unanimity of Opinion Scares Me More Than Conflict

Clay Travis is passionately responding to the biggest story in the world of sports today: Drew Brees. The New Orleans' legend was asked in an interview about Colin Kaepernick and his taking a knee during the National Anthem a few years ago, now that there will be people expecting similar scenes to be back in the fold this upcoming season, due to the current events in our country.

Brees gave his honest opinion on the matter, but used the word "disrespecting" when talking about kneeling which got some Saints' teammates very heated and emotional on social media. Brees said he believes everybody should stand for the National Anthem, and that he honors his two grandfathers, who fought in World War II. Brees also said that he believes that everybody standing for the anthem is a great way to show unity in fighting for justice for everybody in this country.

Clay cannot believe Brees' comments are being labeled as controversial and that he is receiving so much backlash from them. The Outkick crew, some who disagree with Clay's take on kneeling, still believe that Brees should have his opinion respected (even if questionable timing), and that we should listen to one another right now.

Later in the program, Brees issued an apology on his Instagram, Clay reads a part of it, but gets even more frustrated. Clay says that disagreement is normal, a good thing in a democracy, and that if you apologize for comments that you made and believe in, nobody ends up respecting you.

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