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Doug Gottlieb and Joy Taylor Debate the Impact of Drew Brees' Comments

Listen to Doug Gottlieb (filling in for Colin Cowherd) and Joy Taylor debate the impact of Drew Brees’ recent comments towards the National Anthem that triggered a huge wave of controversy, as Brees’ remarks that we’re supposed to highlight the patriotism and pride he feels towards the singing of the National Anthem on game days, crossed paths with dissent towards the Colin Kaepernick protest in 2016, and obvious overlapping with a brutal newscycle centered around police brutality being the culprit behind George Floyd’s death.

Brees came out and apologized for the interview segment that was pulled from Yahoo Finance on Wednesday, as Saints teammates the likes of Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins made very public discourses towards the remarks, with the newly signed Jenkins even saying ‘sometimes you need to shut the f*ck up.’

Check out the segment above as Taylor and Gottlieb have an open discussion on the meaning behind Brees’ remarks, and the reaction that was triggered across sports.

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