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Rob Gronkowski Loses WWE 24/7 Title Belt in Hilarious Backyard Ambush

Rob Gronkowski's reign as 24/7 WWE Champion is over. Gronk lost the title after he was ambushed by R-Truth outside his home. Gronkowski won the title at WrestleMania 36 by pinning Mojo Rawley.

A few months later, Gronk announced he was unretiring from the NFL, leaving many questions about what would happen with the championship belt. Under WWE rules, the champion can be challenged anywhere, at any time, by anybody. Gronk joked he would have to watch his back because Bruce Arians, his new coach on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, might attack him in the hallway to take the title.

On Monday (June 1), R-Truth put those questions to bed when he took down Gronk.

Gronk was filming a viral video for TikTok while R-Truth was disguised as a worker raking mulch in the yard. Gronk became suspicious of the man, but his friend, who was filming, said not to worry about it. As Gronkowski looks away from the camera, his friend takes off his hoodie to reveal a referee's shirt underneath.

That's when R-Truth revealed himself and quickly pinned Gronk to win the title belt.

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