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Clay Travis: 'Drew Brees Gave a Hell of An Answer'

Clay Travis: “What Drew Brees said is being labeled ‘controversial’. He wasn’t reading that off a script, he didn’t have a teleprompter, and he was responding to a question as a part of an interview with Yahoo. I read the quote and I hadn’t even heard the audio, and I was like ‘there must be more.’ I was like ‘where is the rest of it? Where’s the controversial part?? ‘I stand up to honor my grandfathers who fought Nazis! And helped to make the world a safer place! And think about their sacrifice! And sometimes get emotional with my hand over my heart!' That is controversial?? What in the world have we come to in sports when that’s considered a controversial opinion? I think that’s a hell of an answer on the spot for an athlete who isn’t necessarily expecting to be asked a question like that.” (Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he didn’t think Drew Brees’ polarizing comments regarding the National Anthem, the flag, and the on-field protests that went viral this week weren’t ‘remotely controversial’ at all, and why he thinks Brees shouldn’t apologize for giving an honest answer.

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