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Clay Travis: The NBA Is Getting Back Way Too Late

Clay Travis: The NBA Is Getting Back Way Too Late

Clay Travis is reacting to the NBA's announcement that their plan to return to play has been approved. The NBA will be resuming and concluding this year's season at Disney World. The 16 current playoff teams will all be back, and there will be an additional 6 teams that are within striking distance of the No. 8 seeds that will have a chance to make the playoffs as well.

Clay believes that this plan is a little bit messy to begin with, and there really won't be that big of an advantage to the higher seeded teams because there obviously won't be any home court advantage.

Clay is happy to hear that the league is coming back, but he says that they have waited way too long. Clay believes that the NBA should have already been back on the court in the month of June. Instead, they just got their plan to come back approved, and they won't be back on the court until late July.

Clay also doesn't understand why they are going to wait for almost two months to start their games. Why can't these teams begin their training camp this coming Monday and restart the season at the start of July?

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