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Colin Cowherd Predicts Which Rookie Quarterback Has Most Immediate Success

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss which NFL rookie quarterback he thinks will enjoy the most immediate success between the likes of Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jordan Love.

Number one overall pick Joe Burrow isn’t exactly Colin’s homeboy, as Cowherd was never too enthralled with Burrow even while the Heisman Trophy winner was enjoying arguably the greatest season in the history of college football. Colin is already on the record saying he doesn’t think Burow will ever become a Top 10 NFL quarterback.

Number seven overall pick Tua Tagovailoa has always been Colin’s favorite, with Colin saying he would have picked Tua number one overall, and says he thinks Tua could become an ‘NFL legend’ if he remains healthy.

Justin Herbert’s stock has been more ambiguous with Colin, although Colin did say that Herbert could easily make an argument as the most complete quarterback going into the Draft.

Then there’s Jordan Love, who Colin thinks that the Packers shouldn’t have taken at the expense of Aaron Rodgers, but thinks Love is a more talented version of Buffalo’s Josh Allen, and says Love could end up having the best career of the rookie quarterbacks given the Packers are a much better franchise than the Bengals, Dolphins, and Chargers.

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