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Dak Prescott's Cowboys Career Has Been Built By His Supporting Cast

Colin Cowherd: “I’ve got Dak contract fatigue and I’m over this story… It is really hard to evaluate Dak because he got so many breaks coming into the Cowboys. If I said to you ‘here’s what a quarterback needs to succeed as a rookie’. PROTECTION – he inherited the best offensive line in the league. A RUNNING GAME – they drafted Zeke the year he arrives. A PATIENT HEAD COACH WITH EXPERIENCE – Jason Garrett was patient to a fault. A DIVISION WITH A COUPLE OF REBUILDING TEAMS – Giants and Washington. COULD YOU GIVE HIM WEAPONS? – They had Dez, and they had Witten, and they had Amari, and they had Randall Cobb, and they had Michael Gallup. It’s hard to evaluate him… I'm not anti-Dak, I've just never seen him without everything aligned for him." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why evaluating Dak Prescott at this point in his career may be close to impossible, considering Prescott’s four seasons in Dallas have been at the backdrop of a legitimately loaded Cowboys roster that boasted arguably the league’s best offensive line and running game, playing in one of the league’s weakest divisions.

Check out the video above as Colin details why trying to pinpoint Dak’s exact monetary value is a lot harder than you think, considering Dak has made a career being greatly elevated by quarterback-friendly teammates.

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