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The Clay Travis Plan of Compromise for the NFL

The Clay Travis Plan of Compromise for the NFL

Clay Travis is trying to do some problem solving for the NFL. The National Anthem was obviously a big controversy with Colin Kaepernick at the forefront a few years ago, and Drew Brees has sparked the debate again for this upcoming NFL season.

With all of the large and small protests that are being held in all 50 states and other countries, players kneeling is sure to make headlines again. Clay talks about the 19% drop that the NFL experienced in the past over this debate, and has a plan that he says could make a lot of sense for everyone in 2020.

Clay believes that the NFL should make a rule that essentially would not allow anybody that isn't directly affecting the actual game on the field to be present, due to a Coronavirus safety measure. Why would you have extra people around your players, if they're not necessary to the actual game? This would include the absence of cheerleaders, not allowing a singer to perform the National Anthem, no special guests to be honored, and more. Anybody who is not a player, a coach, a referee, a member of the medical team, or part of the broadcast team, would not be allowed on the field.

Clay feels that this could be a real solution, in avoiding what will possibly be a major issue for the NFL this season, from a ratings and earnings perspective.

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