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Colin Cowherd Says James Harden Will Never Win an NBA Championship

Colin Cowherd: “James Harden has let us down time and time again. 2017, Game 6 against the Spurs – he quit. Made 2 shots, only took 11. Houston is up 3-2 on Golden State a couple years ago, and they had them dead coming back home. Houston missed 27 straight threes, and Harden was 2/13, he was dreadful. In 2015, the Rockets were down to the Clippers 3-1. Harden was so bad and had a +/- of minus 21. The team benched him and they came back without him. Last year KD was out and Steph didn’t score a point in the first half. It was Harden’s game to win and Steph was way better. The only time he was in the Finals he was dreadful for Oklahoma City and shot 37%. Kobe Bryant told us – a ball-centric style is exhausting, and by the time you get to the playoffs you just don’t have much left in the tank. James Harden loses his legs in the playoffs year after year. James needs to the whistle, that’s his game, and in the NBA Playoffs refs don’t give you the whistle. He’s simply not built for the playoffs and has let us down." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks James Harden will never win an NBA Championship, despite establishing himself as a top 10, and possibly even top 5 NBA player the last few seasons, as Harden has also solidified himself as one of the greatest offensive players in league history.

Check out the video above as Colin details why his style of play just doesn’t work in the postseason, and says he’s made a career out of coming up the smallest on the biggest stage.