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Reggie Bush: Can't Wait to Initiate Change and Bring Back Greatness to USC

California v USC

Reggie Bush joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd to talk in-depth about being welcomed back to the USC Trojan football family.

Watch the full interview below.

Reggie Bush's reaction to his return to the USC family:

"I was excited. This has been something I've dreamed of for a long time, to be able to come home and spend time with some of the younger players, coaches, faculty, and staff members there. There are still people that I've developed strong, close relationships with that I've known for a very long time all the way down to the equipment people. That's a testament to what we built in our time there at USC. We built relationships that extended far beyond the football field. Most people that I've spent time with there, especially my teammates, I consider family. And to this day, that relationship goes far beyond the football field. For me, we're excited to be back. I can't wait to get to the University and get to know some of the young players and start to help initiate change and just help bring back greatness to USC."


Former USC running back Reggie Bush's disassociation from the university has finally come to an end after ten years.

This is a result of an NCAA Committee Infractions rule, put in place in 2017, that limits mandated dissociations between the individual and a school up to 10 years. Bush's disassociation began June 10, 2010, which also included a two-year postseason ban, 14 vacated victories, and the loss of 30 scholarships.

These sanctions for Bush came due to a four-year extra-benefits investigation. The probe revealed that Bush and his family members, while he was a student-athlete, accepted cash, travel expenses, and a house in San Diego, CA, where Bush's parents lived rent-free for a year or so. They were also given $10,000 to furnish it. Bush had to return his Heisman Trophy.

In the past ten years, Bush has not been welcome on USC's campus; neither has he been involved with their program in any capacity. While his name, stats, and accomplishments did appear in USC's recent media guide, asterisks were attached to his name to indicate that his participation was vacated due to the NCAA penalty.