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Doug Gottlieb: Roger Goodell Bringing Colin Kaepernick Back is 'Laughable'

The Real Reason Colin Kaepernick is No Longer in the NFL
Doug Gottlieb: “No one seems to care about this, but the truth is that Colin Kaepernick’s skills had waned dramatically. He had arm surgery and he had leg surgery. Here was a guy with a really good arm and was really athletic, and he wasn’t the same guy. After the year in which he led the Niners to the Super Bowl, the team got to be very average, and HE was seen to be very average. It’s been since 2013 that he was a dynamic quarterback. That was seven years ago. I understand this doesn’t matter to most people but it matters to people inside the sport… The idea that you’re going to get the NFL to go ‘hey sorry, we were wrong about Colin’ is not likely considering he sued the league and then settled… Malcolm Jenkins wants to ‘put him on a team’ but how will that go over? Who’s the guy who is going to fall on this grenade for the rest of the league?... He wasn’t even a starter at the time this stuff happened. Then he had the pig socks, and then he had the Castro shirt when he was in Miami. Like that DID happen. This was after he had turned down a chance to play for the Broncos… The idea that Goodell is going to assign him to a team is kind of laughable.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick will ever play in the NFL again, as Doug doesn’t believe there is any market for a soon-to-be 33-year-old who hasn’t played football in four years, and a player who hasn’t been an effective weapon since 2013.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why the idea of Roger Goodell assigning Kaepernick to an NFL team is 'laughable', and also explains why the NFL is never going to apologize to Kaepernick either, despite players like Malcolm Jenkins asking them to do so.