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MLB Players and Owners Are Reportedly 'Close' on Agreement to Start Season

MLB Players and Owners Are Reportedly 'Close' on Agreement to Start Season
Colin Cowherd: “I was told last night by a source that I trust inside baseball that they’re close. My prediction is that the MLS will start July 8th, and that baseball will start July 10th. I’m going to make a prediction that in 48 hours – this is from a source up the ladder – that we will have a resolution and be on our way. I’m going all in on this, there will be around 75-80 games. The owners want to wrap up the regular season by September 27th, and they do not want to play in November. The owners have no interest, and are worried about a second wave of the virus. Frankly, they don’t want to play in crappy weather either… By 10:35 PT on Saturday, we will have a deal done.” (Audio Above)

Colin Cowherd said Live on The Herd on Thursday that a source he trusts inside baseball is reporting that MLB players and owners are ‘close’ on a deal to start the 2020 season, that the COVID-19 shortened year will be approximately ’75-80 games.

Colin says that, according to his source, he believes there will be an announcement in the next 48 hours that will confirm that there has indeed been an agreement on a revenue sharing plan for 2020 between owners and players.

Colin predicts that by 10:35 PT on Saturday night, the deal will be done.

This burst of optimism comes just a day after commissioner Rob Manfred said that he was '100%' sure that there would be a 2020 MLB season.