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Colin Cowherd Hands Out His Class of 2020 NFL Yearbook Superlatives

Listen to Colin Cowherd hand out his class of 2020 ‘NFL Superlatives’ high school yearbook style.

Class Clown: Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, George Kittle, or Gerald McCoy?

“How did Gerald McCoy get grouped in with these crazy nutbags?? I’m gonna go George Kittle, he’s like Gronk with a wilder side. Like all class clowns, his wiring is just a little off. Gronk is joyful, Kittle is a maniac.”

Cutest Couple: Brady and Gronk, Dak and Zeke, Jimmy G and Kittle, or Odell and Landry?

“Brady and Gronk dated for awhile, then they broke up, and now they’re back together. It’s Brady and Gronk. We’re just so used to them together, we don’t know if it’s going to last forever, and it might be the last year before they go their separate ways. This is such a cute couple!”

Most Likely to Break Up: Carr and Gruden, Dak and Cowboys, Rodgers and LaFleur, or Stidham and Belichick?

“The word has been Gruden has been flirting around a lot and some people think he’s been cheating. Gruden has got his eye on somebody else and I think Gruden and Carr is the most likely to break up.”

FULL Hilarious Video Above.

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