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Jason Whitlock: Signing Colin Kaepernick Would Have Disastrous Effects

Jason Whitlock: “The NFL thinks that there’s peace through acquiescence and I think it’s going to be a major disaster. With Kap having been out of the league for 4 years at age 32 – he can’t help a football team. But maybe they think he can help the NFL in terms of PR, so I kind of expect them to surrender. Winston Churchill had a line about ‘If you feed the alligator, the only benefit is that you get eaten last.' The NFL is going to feed the alligator and they’re going to get eaten by this alligator. Everyone in the NFL is going to pay when the whole league goes to war with its fan base. All of these people that are supportive of kneeling, and screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’ are not football fans. With Kap in the league, they’re not going to fill up stadiums… Selling Kap jerseys will work but I think it’s going to drive off the actual fans of the NFL from watching on TV and supporting in stadiums.” (Full Audio at Top of Page)

Listen to Jason Whitlock explain why he thinks an NFL team will indeed sign controversial former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and why he also thinks that the result with be catastrophic in the long run.

Check out the audio above as Whitlock details to Clay Travis why he thinks Kap’s biggest supporters are not even NFL fans, and why it’s going to alienate a large portion of the fan base.