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Top 10 Most Unbreakable Individual Records in Sports

The Top 10 Most Unbreakable Individual Records in Sports according to Doug Gottlieb

10. Michael Phelps’ 23 Career Gold Medals

“He’s the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, and he has 28 career medals. The next most gold medals is 9. He has 2.5x more gold medals than anyone else.”

9. Jerry Rice’s Career Touchdown Record (197)

“Rice has 197 career touchdowns, and also holds the record for receptions and yards. I’m willing to believe that we throw the football now more than we did during that era, but I don’t think any wide receiver will have the longevity or be a focal point of two great offenses – not just the Niners, but the Raiders. Because the money is so great now, I don’t know if players’ careers will last as long as Jerry Rice… Larry Fitzgerald is the active leader with 77 touchdown receptions and Jerry Rice has 197. There is the disparity.”

8. Cy Young’s 511 Career Wins

“I don’t think we will have a 300-game winner anymore, let alone a 500-game winner. He has 96 more wins than any other pitcher in MLB history. Greg Maddux, who was not on steroids during that era, had 355 wins.”

7. Jack Nicklaus’ 18 Career Majors

“I don’t think Tiger is catching Jack even though he’s 3 behind. Brooks has been dominant in Majors and he only has 4. Rory only has 4. NOBODY is catching him.”

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