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Clay Travis Rips Critics of Mike Gundy Wearing 'OAN' Shirt in Fishing Photo

Clay Travis: “This idea of this ‘cancel culture’ era that we live in where if somebody does something that upsets you, you get on social media and you immediately whine about it is not the way that men should behave. Grown men, if you have an issue with someone else, you should talk about it face to face. You shouldn’t pull out your pacifier and have an emotional breakdown where you start throwing out accusations for the public. Because of these emotional pacifiers people are not behaving like adults. YOU SHOULDN’T GET UPSET OVER A T-SHIRT. I feel like in many ways, and sports have become a big part of it, what we are teaching kids is that all that matters is THEIR feelings. That’s exactly wrong. I’m not responsible for how you feel and that’s not my thing. That is YOUR responsibility. You need to learn how to control your emotions as a grown-a** man and not feel the need to throw temper-tantrums on your phone because of something else a grown-a** man does. If you truly have an issue with something, then go and have a face to face conversation. Mike Gundy has a right to his political opinions. If he loves OAN, or MSNBC, or CNN, or Fox News, more power to him… This whole cancel culture absurdity is mind-blowingly stupid and the fact that it’s taken over sports is even worse. Sports is the ultimate ‘no feelings zone.’ You don’t get to change your scoreboard because of how it makes you feel. Do we really want to teach grown adults to be perpetually triggered by the opinions of others? The idea that some people wanted to fire Mike Gundy because he wore a flippin’ ‘OAN’ shirt is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my career as a sports fan? NOBODY IN REAL LIFE CARES WHAT T-SHIRT YOU WEAR TO SUPPORT A NEWS ORGANIZATION.” (Full Audio Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip the critics coming out of the woodworks this week denouncing Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy for wearing a t-shirt with the ‘One America News Network’ logo on the front while posing for a picture during a fishing trip.

‘OAN’ is a fledgling network slowly becoming mainstream that is considered a conservative-leaning news organization that often aligns its content favorably towards President Donald Trump.

Star Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard recently took to Twitter to call Gundy out for the choice of clothing for the picture, inciting viral outrage towards the Cowboys coach. Eventually both Hubbard and Gundy released a video with one another where both men embraced and appeared to settle their differences going forward, however many in the media had a problem with the way Hubbard presented himself in the video, as he came off as 'regretful' for sending the original tweet calling out Gundy.

Check out the video above as Clay mocks Gundy’s most vocal detractors, saying it’s time that people ‘grow up’, and not be 'perpetually triggered' by the opinions of other adults, adding that the ‘cancel culture’ movement in America has reached metaphoric levels that is now even trying to censor t-shirts people wear on fishing trips that simply showcase the logo of a news channel.