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Clay Travis: Mike Gundy Shouldn't Have to Apologize For His Political Views

Clay Travis: “Mike Gundy has a right to his political opinions. If he loves OAN, MSNBC, CNN, or Fox News, more power to him… If he loves Donald Trump and wants to rock around the house in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, more power to him. If he’s a huge Biden Bro, or Bernie Bro, or whatever the heck he is, that’s HIS right as a citizen. This whole cancel culture absurdity is so mind-blowingly stupid… If someone wore a t-shirt that upset you and hurt your feelings then GROW UP. And the worst part is all you losers on social media are enabling this behavior. ‘Good for him for standing up!’ For standing up against a t-shirt from a news organization?? Is that really what we want to teach grown adults to do? To be perpetually triggered by the opinions of other people?... We used to have something called ‘tolerance’ and it used to be established by EVERYONE, and it meant that we could all coexist even though we don’t all have the same exact opinion. The idea that some people wanted to fire Mike Gundy because he wore a flippin’ ‘OAN’ t-shirt is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my entire life as a sports fan…. He was on a fishing trip with his son! Have you ever been on a fishing trip? Do you wear your finest t-shirt on the trip?? Social media is breaking, and has broken this country.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Clay Travis defend Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy after an outrage was triggered on social media when a photo surfaced on Twitter of Gundy wearing an ‘OAN’ t-shirt while on a fishing trip, which stands for the conservative news network ‘One America News Network.’

When OK State star running back Chuba Hubbard posted his disdain for the picture on Twitter, the firestorm of backlash began to rear its ugly head, as Gundy’s affiliation to a right-leaning news network was suddenly frontpage news.

Clay says the cancel culture in America has officially gone off the rails, when people are now being persecuted for simply wearing a t-shirt with a news channel logo on it.

Check out the rant above as Clay details how these types of stories always seem to be bred from a small contingent of ‘losers’ on social media who are ‘perpetually triggered’ and looking to cancel someone’s opinion simply because they disagree with it.