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Rob Parker Blasts MLB Players for Not Making 'Sacrifices' During Pandemic

Rob Parker: “I’m with the owners on this one. I love the Players Union and they have worked hard to get a lot of things that the other players unions can’t get, but when it comes to where we are right now I have to blame the players from this standpoint: WHERE IS YOUR SACRIFICE? Thirty-five million people are out of jobs, and are being furloughed and laid off. I do not understand the whole notion that you think during a pandemic that you shouldn’t be touched by it. They say, ‘well, what about you and people at Fox’ – WE’VE TAKEN PAY CUTS! EVERYBODY has taken pay cuts! For you to say that you should get the exact amount of money to play half a season as you would a regular season with no fans in the stands, no parking, no concessions, and no stadium merchandise, how in the world can you sit there and think you deserve exactly the same amount of pay?? I do not get it and do not understand it. I’m not saying the owners are perfect, but in this situation and where we are, it makes no sense. There’s got to be some sacraficee when everybody else has sacrificed in this country. It comes off as tone-deaf and being totally oblivious to what’s going on out there. To think that you deserve your exact pay with what’s happening?? I don’t get it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he’s siding with the MLB owners over the players in their deadlocked dispute over a revenue sharing plan for the COVID-19 shortened season that could potentially see the season cancelled altogether.

Check out the video above as Parker details why he believes the MLB players are coming off as ‘tone-deaf’ and ‘oblivious’ for their stern refusal to take a pay cut during a pandemic that will likely cost teams all revenue from ticket sales and stadium concessions in a fan-less season.